Arun Sundar
Social Capital Institute
Chief Strategy Officer, Trustsphere

Arun Sundar is one of the eminent thinkers and opinion leaders in the technology space in Asia Pacific. Arun has built, led and advised technology businesses across the globe. His passion and related research is in understanding the disruptive technology eco-systems around the world and cross-pollinate learning b/w the East and West. The outcome of his research has made him a staunch believer that while the social evolution has created multiple sub-cultures around the world; the neural evolution of man has unified the driver for both individuals and businesses alike to building what he believes is a new form of Capital which he will discuss about in his TED talk. He is an evangelist of this concept and believes it is the true measure an individual, an idea or a business venture should look at as their ultimate measure of success.

In his own words “I am a representation of the inquisitive and constantly learning child that an emerging middle class Indian couple typically produces. I was born and raised in Kerala in a family with strong Indian traditions and value systems coupled with the new found access to International thinking and learning. The outcome of this blend is that I look at every aspect of life from a scientific as well as philosophic (includes relegious and traditional) lens. I have been exposed to various businesses, business cultures and geographies around the world in the past few years in various capacities including Senior Leadership Roles in established multi-billion dollar Corporate houses, building technology companies from scratch, board memberships in various ventures and running trade forums and think tank groups across the world. This exposure of mine coupled with the multi dimensional lens of looking at things as stated above inspired me a few years back into clinically analyzing individuals and businesses from the lens of their social relevance.

Further pondering of the concept and its practical relevance has been a topic of on-going research and dialogue to me. I have been speaking at various forums around the world about this concept and I find that its relevance is being understood better every passing day. Interestingly the concept is very basic and was most easily understood by an average Indian village business man in the 18 th century where he measured his value not just based on the money he made but the number of people who turned up at his daughter’s wedding or his own funeral.”

A leading publishing house has commissioned Arun to write a book on this concept aside to various media houses and organizations seeking his views and consulting engagements around this. Alongside various technology endeavors, Arun is one of the key management team members who established the category of ‘Relationship Analytics’ globally as part of the venture ‘TrustSphere’ where he is their Chief Strategy Officer.