5 reasons to be a TEDxChandigarh Speaker

Posted on September 12, 2017
  1. Put a ding in the universe and more

    If you’ve ever been inspired by the words of Steve Jobs, “I want to put a ding in the universe”, then the TEDx stage is where you get a chance to. What’s even better? You can inspire and help others put a ding too. Come take the stage, you never know who’s listening.
  2. Gain what cannot be bought- Perspective

    As Nietzsche so beautifully put it, “there are no truths, only perspectives,” here at TEDxChandigarh, meet people from all ends of the thought spectrum. Learn from them and in turn teach them. Experience first-hand what building a community feels like.
  3. Be a part and yet a whole

    The norse mythology refers to Yggdrasil as an immense mythical tree that connects the nine realms. The TEDx community is, in a similar way, a huge network of brilliant individuals who are out making the world a better place right now. Hop on, you belong here.
  4. It's a marathon not a dash

    At TEDxChandigarh, it doesn’t just end after the event. In fact, that is just the beginning! Rome wasn’t built in a day….and neither will this world! It’s efforts, everyday-by us, by you, by everyone.
  5. Bragging rights on Social Media………….. because duh!!

    The best thing about being a TEDxChandigarh speaker, you can do all the good in the world, and still look pretty damn great while doing it!