10 reasons to attend TEDxChandigarh

If you are wondering what the hype is all about, let us spill the beans for you. Apart from the fact that it’s the biggest ever intellectual event happening in North India, here are the top 10 reasons to attend TEDxChandigarh.

  1. Witness speakers and famous personalities from all over the world: Yes! This event will help you delve into the mind of speakers belonging to different countries, and you will notice the interesting amalgamation of different cultures. And then there are some famous personalities too! Awesome, isn’t it?
  2. Get motivated: Looking for motivation that can help you do wonders? Think no more. TEDxChandigarh to the rescue!
  3. Meet like minded people: By attending this event, you get to meet people who want to bring a change. It’s a great feeling, being with people with similar perspectives.
  4. Take part in sensible discussions: Yeah, because it’s not a Roadies group discussion.
  5. Come across creative ideas: The topics of the talk delivered by speakers are so interesting and brilliantly crafted, that you will be left in awe of the insightful ideas and their power to bring change.
  6. Listen to true stories: Speakers don’t narrate fairy tales and fictional accounts. Their talks are based on real life experiences. There’s a lot to learn.
  7. Watch amazing performances: Wait, did you think TEDx event is all about delivering talks? NOOO! There are always some wonderful performances to feed your soul.
  8. Develop new perspectives: Because there’s always room for more! TEDx event will help you gain new perspectives on many things in life. You won’t see life the same way again.
  9. Get international exposure: If you crave for it, TEDxChandigarh is the event for you. Attending this event is a huge deal!
  10. Bragging on Social media: It’s so important, isn’t it? You get to brag about being a part of one of the biggest events of the world, and you get to meet famous personalities too!
  11. So what are you waiting for? The tickets are selling out fast! Grab this opportunity and set out on a roller coaster of wonderful experiences!


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