The 7 best TED talks ever…

TED is about spreading the greatest ideas among a wider population. TED talks have the distinction of getting extremely personal experiences and ideas into the midst of people from around the world. An idea that could have remained in a box and been a topic of wonder or amazement becomes a commonly shared wisdom through this platform.

TED talks spark the little idea genies in all of the audience present as well as all of the audience around the globe that watches the online videos. If you’re wondering how, then watch this video “Your elusive creative genius” where Elizabeth Gilbert tells you exactly how there is a genius in all of us. The bestselling author of the book “Eat. Pray. Love.” tells people that creativity can and does come to anyone who really wants it to and that no one “is” but actually everyone does “have” a genius.

While Gilbert lends the mantle of creativity to a mystical presence in each of our lives, Sir Ken Robinson questions, “Do schools kill creativity?” A British author and an education advisor to the government, Sir Robinson believes that it’s the expectations as well as the current schooling system that kills creativity. The school system across the globe is focussed on a particular pattern and the schools do not attach equal importance to subjects as varied as dance and maths. He shares his belief of how the world will be a different place if only the natural talents and creativity of kids are nurtured and not suppressed.

It is rare that a neuroscientist gets to research her own brain. But this is exactly what happened with Jill Bolte Taylor when she suffered a massive stroke due to a haemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain. She talks of the elusive opportunity she had to understand the difference between the functioning of the left and right hemispheres of our brain and how, only if we all could use our brain’s right hemisphere more often, the world would be an infinitely more peaceful place. This, because the right hemisphere diminishes all the boundaries between your physical existence and the other things around you. An amazing stroke of insight, really.

Author and life coach, Tony Robbins, says he is the “why guy.” He asks people, “why we do what we do?” The curious insight he brings to the talk is that it is emotion that makes us do what we do. Our minds help us rationalize and achieve results but it is the emotion behind it that really makes things happen.


Simon Sinek, a British-American author and marketing consultant asks a different “why?” He asks why is it that while having the same access to technology and human resource as everyone else, an Apple can deliver new and innovative products year after year while others struggle? The reason lies in the leadership at the helm of affairs. He talks of “How great leaders inspire action.” He calls this leadership trait the “golden circle” of knowing the “Why? How? What?” of whatever they do.


Knowing what you do and why you do is great, but having the confidence to do the same is a different ballgame. In her talk, “Your body language may shape who you are” Amy Cuddy discusses how your confidence can be altered by simply altering your posture. A social psychologist, author and lecturer by profession, Cuddy’s finding about the benefits of power posing was contested by her co-author Dana Carney about 4 years after the talk. Carney said she did not believe that the effects were real. The dynamism of the TED platform is  shown in how all the updates and criticisms are regularly updated and that the platform is not simply restricted to delivering great talks but also following them up with updates.



Okay, so even as we say TED is not all about brainy stuff, it does bring some brain-y insights, quite literally. Keith Barry shows us some excellent brain magic through psychokinesis. In this absolutely brilliant display of mind tricks he shows how the brain has the extraordinary capability of deception.


Magic is what TED is all about. It brings out the magic in the ordinary and yet extraordinary experiences of people from across different walks of life. It is this magic that TEDxChandigarh is looking to recreate for the people of this region. With a blend of speakers who’ve carved a niche for themselves through their sphere of expertise, TEDxChandigarh hopes to bring you folks face-to-face with some life truths that even though simple, are magical.

Written by Ritika Bhatia Singh – TED Follower and Believer

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