Maninder Singh
Senior Software Developer
Akamai Technologies, USA

Maninder is a traveller, explorer, foreign policy enthusiast and a techie who has travelled to over 25 countries. Maninder currently lives in Boston and works with Akamai Technologies as a Senior Engineer.

Maninder Singh started his journey from a small village. His family was affected by the turbulent black days in Punjab. He had a difficult childhood as he lost his father at the tender age of 4; he credits his success in life to his hardworking mother. After completing his graduation from Panjab University, Maninder went on to do his Masters at Northeastern University, USA. Maninder's life story is phenomenal. According to him - "Believe in the sky, land has borders but sky belongs to all. Go after the sky and dream big.”

Listen to the heart warming story of a man who went on a quest to find his lost father. Listen to his ‘idea worth spreading’ LIVE at TEDxChandigarh Conference on January 21, 2018.