Priya Prakash
Healthcare Entrepreneur
Founder, HealthSetGo

Priya Prakash is a healthcare entrepreneur and founder and CEO of HealthSetGo; India's pioneering health organization with a vision to empower students and schools with tools that lead to healthy societies, healthy governments and a healthier planet.

Being the first of it kind in India, HealthSetGo aims to change the way the 400 million children in India look at health.

Having worked for years with the education industry, it did not take her long to make the connect between schools and children's health. Having conducted health education sessions and medical assessments for over 20,000 children with, HealthSetGo, she is now on a mission to establish India's largest network of healthy schools.

Priya recognizes the health epidemic facing us all. Non Communicable Diseases ( NCD’s) are the leading cause of death globally. In 2012 they caused 68% of all deaths. She wants to tackle them from the grassroots by transforming the behaviours of the future generation; hence eventually lowering the global burden of disease and keeping people out of hospitals. Having struggled with obesity , self esteem issues and bullying all throughout her childhood, it all changed for her after she set her mind to change herself. This set her on the journey of health. Today Priya has the international fitness certificate, Crossfit Level One and is passionate about Olympic Lifting and an avid blogger on nutrition and health.

She wants to promote the idea of healthy, strong and fit women in India and be a role model for girls who struggle with their health and weight issues. Additionally, she is a Global Shaper of The World Economic Forum, and a Fellow Of The World Forum For a Ethics in Business wherein she undertakes many health projects for the underprivileged.