Sameer Guglani
Entrepreneur, Investor,
Thought Leader

Sameer was born in Chandigarh and spent his formative years in the Chandigarh-Punjab region. After graduating in 1998, Sameer tried and quit each of his first 3 jobs within a few months as he did not find any of them interesting or challenging enough. In 1999 he joined a small tech startup in Bangalore and spent more than 4 years there. He looks back at the time at Sonim Inc as superlative learning in a superlative work environment .

In 2002 he discovered his interest in film-making and started devoting a lot of time, outside of office, working with theatre groups & independent film-makers. Soon he started a short film project, which was screened at a film festival in the US. During the making of this film, Sameer met with Nandini. Sameer & Nandini worked as collaborators on this film and the association lead to a marriage.

Soon after, Sameer & Nandini shifted to Silicon Valley, California. The interest in film-making continued to become stronger and the plan was to work in the US for a couple of years, save money, buy a Mac to edit films, a good digital camera to shoot, and move to back to India to make independent films.

In August of 2004, Sameer & Nandini visited India to attend a marriage and were denied Visa by the US consulate. This led to their staying back in India and creating a startup, Madhouse, which was an attempt to build Netflix (old version) for India, delivering physical DVDs to members. Madhouse was another superlative learning experience with the whole cycle of choosing a startup idea, implementing it, and going through the roller coaster. Madhouse got sold due to lack of funds in June 2007 to a well-funded company.

In 2008, at the beginning of startup ecosystem in India, Sameer & Nandini collaborated again to start “The Morpheus”, which was India’s first startup accelerator. Morpheus supported 82 companies officially over 6 years & created the Morpheus Gang - an amazing community with now 300+ entrepreneurs, who are constantly sharing learnings and helping each other.

In 2012, Sameer discovered Integral Yoga, the path to understanding and realising oneself and the truth of world existence. Since then the constant seeking for a deeper & wider understanding of life and an attempt to live from that deeper understanding occupies more & more of his consciousness.

In 2014, The Morpheus accelerator was shut down for Sameer to devote all his time to self-growth & engagement in Integral Work out of a new emerging understanding. In 2015, Sameer, with some friends, started the “Oneness Community” - a platform to enable connections, sharing & collaboration between individuals who are learning and living from an ever deeper understanding.

Currently this community has 215+ members who are creating transformative models to live & work in their personal & collective contexts. These models and projects are part of the new-world emerging from a new consciousness - conscious businesses, education / learning centres, natural farming, holistic health, architecture, independent publishing, cafes, PE funds, making chocolates & a lot more, covering all areas of human lives. Oneness as a platform aspires to contribute to the growth of consciousness of individuals and a collective growth of human consciousness.