Sandra Stinson Olansky
Adventurer, Artist,
Traveller, Activist

Sandra grew up in the sand dunes of Indiana and on the shore of Lake Michigan, exploring woods and swamps, and collecting insects and frogs. Her summers were blissfully spent on her uncles' farms in Illinois. Outdoors was a source of immense happiness for her.

Sandra majored in Painting at the University of Illinois, and then went to graduate school in Boston majoring in Art Education. She taught art for 35 years, teaching all ages from grade 1 through college.

Once her children were in college, she decided to take a break from her monotonous life. She decided to travel. Her indefatigable spirit beckoned her to travel to the lands of Africa, New Guinea, and Asia, where she focused on the arts: doing her own photography, writing, drawing, and volunteering teaching English and art. Bold and fearless, she has lived with tribal people, head hunters and people in conflict prone areas. Her experiences are a store house of many fervent adventures.

She considers herself an activist for global peace through acceptance, involvement and understanding people of all ethnic backgrounds. Over the years, she has gained a deep insight into the minds and relationships of such people.