Ssumier Pasricha
Writer, Comedian,
Photographer, Actor

Ssumier is an actor, comedian, writer, photographer and dancer. Ssumier went to Australia for higher studies. After coming back, he refused the offer to join his family business and pursued his childhood dream of becoming an actor. How many of us leave our comfort zone and dare to chase our dreams? Ssumier exactly did that.

Ssumier now lives in Mumbai and is a household name (face). He has gained popularity for creating viral videos based on a fictional character 'Pammi Aunty'-- impersonation of a typical middle-class Delhi Punjabi woman who loves to gossip, crib and complain about many things to her friends over the phone.

Ssumier is coming to Chandigarh to make you laugh, cry, smile and think! Watch the man behind 'Pammi Aunty' LIVE at TEDxChandigarh.