Urvashi Sahni
Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2017
Founder, Study Hall Educational Foundation

Dr Urvashi Sahni is the World Economic Forum's India Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2017. She is a women rights activist and educationist working for over three decades. Dr. Sahni is an Ashoka Fellow, a non-resident fellow at the Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution, USA and is currently a member of Chief Minister's Advisory Council, Rajasthan.

Dr. Urvashi also founded Suraksha, a women rights organisation; DiDi's - a social enterprise for sustainable livelihoods for women and the Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF). Through its schools and outreach initiatives, SHEF has trained 24,000 teachers and impacted more than 5 lakh children, most of whom are girls from disadvantaged communities. SHEF directly provides education to over 4000 students including middle class urban children, disadvantaged girls and boys from poor areas, out-of-school children, and rural children.

Dr. Urvashi is a leading expert in school governance, curriculum reform and teacher training with a special focus on girls’ education.

We're excited to welcome her to Chandigarh! Listen to her LIVE at TEDxChandigarh 2018 Conference on January 21, 2018.